Dick Schmoekel describes how he uses the Corelytics Dashboard as a way to build value with his small business clients and streamline his processes to be affordable for any sized business. 

Josh Peterson, Bering McKinley, reaches a record number of peer groups in the IT industry using the dashboard for benchmarking, trend and performance analysis. 

Len Jessup, Dean of Eller College of Management & Halle Chair in Leadership shares his perspective on small business and how technologies like Corelytics are game changers for owners. 


Robert J. Chandler - CEO, Cloud9 Real Time "If you’re a small business owner, you can’t afford not look at what Corelytics can show you about the financial trends in your business.  The dashboard also enables a management process and discipline every business needs – I love it!"


Jason Lambiris, CEO of Apex Digital Solutions "...I've been pulling up the dashboard in regular reviews with my management team or other executives within the company and being able to show them not just where we've been, but where we're trending as a company, how we stack up against other companies of a similar business model"

Scott Smeltzer, President & CEO of On-site Tech Support "I’ve gone from 8-12 hours a month reviewing my financials to now, within 10 minutes I know as much as I knew in 10 hours prior to using Corelytics."

Nolan Garrett, CEO of Intrinium “The visuals in Corelytics are great! Having this dashboard has made me think about the different ways we need to be improving our business”

Chris Schalleur, CEO of Christo IT Services "We use Corelytics every month to get a good look at the progress we are making on our business. It allows us to proactively manage the key indicators of our business, such as Revenue, Margin, and Receivables.  By monitoring these trends we are able to make adjustments to our personnel, spending, AR actions, etc. when needed. Love the product!"

Teresa and Joe Bell, President & CEO and CFO of Citrus Networking Solutions Group "When we got hooked up with Corelytics, that’s when the lightbulb went on. The visuals and graphics in Corelytics really helped me to understand. Based on where we were headed, we had to make some choices around our clients and our staff and we’ve become much more profitable."

Luis Alvarez, President of Alvarez Technology Group "Managing a business well, any business, is dependent on a clear understanding of the metrics that drive the business. For us, Corelytics helps us gain the insight that we need to be successful.  Without it, we’d struggle to understand the trajectory of our IT firm."

Jon Palecek, CEO of Palecek Consulting Group "The big driving factor is we can compare ourselves to the industry. That has been unbelievably useful. We can see how we’ve done month to month and where we’re trending. Once we can figure out our trends, we can map it to what we’re doing operationally and compare every month to give us a really good sense for how we’re doing." "I sure do sleep better off at night knowing all my numbers.

Babul Mukherjee, President of The Montopolis Group Ltd. “The first time we loaded our data is was like, wow! It took seconds to upload and we saw a picture of our business that we could never see with reports from our accounting system. Corelytics Standard is well worth the monthly price.”

Steve Meek, President and CEO of The Fulcrum Group “Corelytics is part of the ecosystem of tools our business depends on to succeed as a services company.  It provides leading indicator details and helps us to quickly compare multiple periods of revenues, expenses and balances and can generate trend lines, giving us the chart and visual information we need to actually interpret the data, and then proactively manage our business."


Manuel Palachuk -  Manuel Palachuk Consulting "I devised a set of coaching services designed around the Corelytics product. We unanimously decided that it would be the tool we use because you can get more in a glance from Corelytics than the reports and graphs that you find in most accounting packages.

Shelly Robbins - Founder, The QuickSource "CPAs everywhere are trying to build better practices, but typically are getting asked to sell someone else’s product to do it. Partnering with Corelytics has given QuickSource a way to start a peer group that is focused on our Members’ businesses practices and improving sales by shifting to a place where they are valued for advisory services in addition to products they can get a discount on."  


Jennifer Katrulya - CEO, BMRG "Corelytics is financial dashboard software Advisors to small businesses can use to differentiate how they deliver their services to clients." 



Gina Rodkey, Owner, Ginas InterNet Advising “Becoming a Corelytics Certified Advisor gave me a way to help my clients like I’d never been able to before – I could have conversations about financial trends I was seeing in their business, then advise them on financial goals and business strategies!”


George Sierchio, Partner, Cogent Growth Partners, LLC "Corelytics actually makes life a lot easier and can identify things that most people don't pay attention to when it comes to profitability or business value"


Stuart Selbst, Business Advisor "...as an Advisor it gives me a better picture to forecast with my client while I get a full understanding for where they want to go."



Tom Stimson CTS, President of The Stimson Group "One thing I always tell my clients is that you can't achieve real growth without a financial roadmap. This dashboard is the perfect tool to create that roadmap and I'm enthusiastically recommending it to business owners."


Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership, Inc. “Corelytics is an ideal, affordable way to monitor your business’ financial performance. IT Solution Providers use the Service Leadership Index™ inside of Corelytics to measure progress towards Best-in-Class performance...”

Technology Partners

James Foxall, President of Tigerpaw “This partnership allows us to marry the operations analytics of Tigerpaw with the incredible financial metrics and business intelligence of Corelytics. Corelytics provides a very valuable tool that will help our customers be more successful and improve the industry as a whole.”

Bob Godgart, CEO of Autotask “By combining Corelytics' financial insight with Autotask's powerful hosted service platform, we are enabling our customers to take a pulse of their financial track record, better forecast upcoming quarters, and manage their businesses to peak performance. That's priceless.”

Arnie Bellini, CEO of ConnectWise “Corelytics is a feature-rich business tool, and with ConnectWise PSA, provides an exceptionally complete way to marry business management with financial performance”

Rob Rae, Director of Partner Development, Level Platforms
"As a vendor, when you can actually produce a report that says, 'Here's how much money your customers make using your solution' --that is huge. I can now go to market comfortably and be able to say 'Level Platforms makes its customers more profitable as a result of using our technology.' When I'm out presenting, talking about Level Platforms and showing our customers or prospects what it is that we do and how it is that we do it, Corelytics is in every presentation that I've got as a result.Prior to having the Corelytics data, it was all guesswork." Corelytics gives us hardcore data."

Arlin Sorensen, CEO of Heartland Technology Group “Sound financial management is absolutely critical for serious technology service companies. We have needed a tool like Corelytics to show IT solution companies how their business performance compares to their peers.”

Industry Associations

Duffy Wilbert, CTS, CAE, Senior Vice President, Member Services, InfoComm International “For the first time, it will be possible for AV providers to benchmark themselves against their peers to really set a course for their business. The Dashboard also will raise our stature as an industry as more companies adopt the service allowing us to report trends.”

Joe Panettieri of MSP Mentor “Corelytics is a single financial management dashboard that allows MSPs to track their health — and also compare their health to the overall MSP and solutions provider community”

Harry Brelsford, CEO of SMB Nation “Corelytics would benefit all SMB Nation Tribe members who really want to manage their IT solution business’ financial performance. For a small price tag it shows a complete picture and delivers a major hit.”