You will see improvements in your business OR
you get the Corelytics Financial Dashboard
Standard Edition for FREE!
Why are we making this offer? 

We have watched many companies follow these steps and achieve exciting results! In more than 90% of our reference cases, companies make real progress toward their goals and see the difference in just 3 months. We know you can get the same results!

How does it work?
  1. Sign up for the Standard Edition - If you haven’t already done so, signup and set up your dashboard. Review your financial performance and decide which metrics you'd like to see improvements on. It could be an increase in revenue, a decrease in overhead or an increase in gross margin.
  2. Enter your goals here first, then go to the Goals screen in Corelytics, click on “new” and setup the goals you want to track. Make sure to share these goals and current financial performance with your team and ask for their help (this is a critical step).
  3. 3-Month Check – after 3 months if you've followed this process of setting your goals and have shared the picture of your financial performance with your team each month, if you don’t see an improvement in at least 2 of the 3 areas where you set goals, you will be eligible for the guaranteed free use of Corelytics for the next 12 months (Value of over $800). 
How do you know if you've improved?

Compare the metric from the date that you set your goals with the same metric after 3 monthly updates of the dashboard. If at least 2 of these measures don’t show improvement, we will turn off Corelytics charges for the next 12 months – no questions asked!