Working with an Advisor

Find a consultant, CPA, or group leader to keep an eye out for financial challenges and opportunities while you’re busy working in your business. Corelytics Financial Advisors have streamlined their client relationships with the dashboard for budget-friendly, monthly interactions to monitor and keep you on track. A quick monthly check in is all you need when you're dashboarding because issues pop immediately and can be discussed with your trusted advisor.   

Assess your current financial performance and compare to others in your industry 

Monitor performance and interpret the results with you monthly, quarterly or yearly

Perform valuation of your business or analyze a business you may be looking at buying

Most of our advisors can work remotely so you can collaborate directly with them from your computer no matter where you are! With a shared dashboard, you can even work together to uncover what your financials are showing you and how to address them or share them with your team.

To get started, email us with a short summary of what you’re looking for.

Then, we’ll put you in touch with at least one of our Corelytics Certified Advisors that you can interview.