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Why Corelytics?

Business intelligence isn't just for big companies.  The Corelytics dashboard gives all business owners PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS and VISUAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE at a glance.

Your engine light might be on and you don't even know it! You can spot problems before they threaten your business and your course by the numbers. Corelytics is the only financial dashboard that uses predictive analytics that ties to industry intelligence.

What separates Corelytics from other dashboards, is that it connects to your accounting system and uses live balance sheet and general ledger data to show trends and forecasts of future performance (no data entry required).

It predicts best/worst case future scenarios with 88% accuracy so that you can see where you are headed. 

  • Monitor trends for early detection and early correction
  • Forecast futures with best/worst case scenarios; see where change is needed
  • View your business as a portfolio of business centers; see which are profitable and which is draining your resources

The goal is to understand performance drivers so that you can control your results.

Each month, you can easily diagnose which parts of your business are working and which are not so you can tune them:  Fix, discard, invest.  Align your team so they know where your company is headed; see the challenges and know what they need to do to get to the desired destination. With dashboarding your predictions can help you fuel growth or change have the ability to generate resources or cash to grow. Even your banker will be impressed!

DIAGNOSE: Do you know what parts of your business are working and which are not?

ALIGN:  Can you show your team where your company is headed? 

FUEL: Does your company have the ability to generate resources to grow?


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  • 2 Users
  • Auto-mapping current accounts
  • Leading indicators and multiple lines of business
  • Track goals by lines of business
  • Automated financial trends
  • Predictive forecasts by lines of business
  • View industry benchmarks by lines of business
  • Upload financials from any accounting system
  • See key ratios and trends
  • Detailed expense trend analysis
  • Cash and other account balances trend analysis
  • Staff contribution trend analysis


  • Initial basic setup by phone
  • Personalized setup and mapping with advisor
  • Share your dashboard with your advisor to discuss trends      

Services may range from remote consultations to full-service options   

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