The award-winning Corelytics financial dashboard helps you manage the vital signs of your business.

Corelytics crunches data from your accounting system to clarify your past and predict your future.
No other product can more easily deliver a picture of your trends, predictions, and performance using your current accounting data. Rather than close your books, open your eyes to the dynamics of your business without the hassle of complex software.
Each month, you see which parts of your business are performing and which are not, so you can adjust your course.  Use the dashboard to get your team to see where your company is headed and the challenges you may face. Share with your stakeholders-- even your banker will be impressed!

Want to learn more about managing your finances?  Get a crash course in new management concepts in our Real-world Finance 101 on-demand webcast.
Need someone to keep you on track?  Connect monthly for an hour with your CPA or find a Corelytics Certified Advisor to meet with you for as little as $300/mo for advisory services.  

Corelytics now supports one-click connections to QuickBooks Online! 

Industry Indexes

We make industries smarter. Since the Corelytics Dashboard anonymously aggregates industry data,  benchmarks are available for you to compare within your industry and get custom intelligence on the metrics you care about most.  The resulting averages also make for an interesting story about the performance and market behavior in a particular industry.  Some of these industries are reflected here. 

Audio visual Information Technology  |  Agriculture & Food  | Professional Services & Legal  |  Medical & Dental ClinicsConstructionRetail Restaurant  |  Insurance
...and many more coming to our growing list.

We are always seeking relationships with advisors and industry leaders to help add more reports to the industry.  If you are an association or industry thought-leader, please contact us for a discussion about how we can get you a fresh analysis for your area. 

professor frankProfessor Frank's Tips

Finding the Right Business Advisor

by Frank Coker

No professional athlete would consider being without a trainer or coach. This is not because the athlete doesn’t know what needs to be done, but rather because of the focus on execution. The coach focuses on fine-tuning the process and providing perspective and encouragement.

In the same way, no professional business owner should be without an advisor. It’s not that the owner can’t figure things out, but an advisor brings perspective, asks key questions, and can help organize priorities. The advisor becomes an accountability partner.

Finding the right advisor is usually more difficult than finding the right employee. There needs to be a good match in intellect, cultural background, personality, and a wealth of relevant experience. Sometimes the ideal person is a professional advisor or consultant. In other cases, the ideal person may be employed elsewhere and is interested in serving more as a mentor with a minimal time commitment. Whatever the case, the advisor can be a valuable resource to the owner and the whole management team.  We think our advisors are top notch.

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