Accounting & Finance Professionals

Add a new dimension of offerings to your consulting or accounting practice. Your capabilities will extend beyond historical reviews, to include prediction and prevention capabilities.

Expand your existing service offerings; whether you use Corelytics for providing enhanced reporting or to establish an advisory practice with existing and new clients we can help you be successful using the dashboard to support your clients in new ways.

Corelytics provides an expansive set of tools and reports you can use to analyze your clients company and create a repeatable set of management reports and analysis to use with company management. All reports and analytics are online with secure user access controls.

Management Assessment Survey Instructions

Management Assessment Survey

Corelytics is a powerful tool to swiftly analyze your client’s business and become their most valuable advisor.

Efficiently spot problems and opportunities within your client base — whether a channel of partners, suppliers, branches, franchises, or peer groups. The dashboard normalizes data and uses predictive analytics to consolidate and compare industry benchmarks. In just minutes, you can prepare a professional assessment which analyzes the health of a business by connecting to data already in your clients accounting system.  Monitor single accounts or the overall health of the group.

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