The award-winning Corelytics Financial Dashboard helps you monitor the vital signs of the community of businesses you care for.

Monitor.  Diagnose. Adapt.

Your constituents will spend less than an hour a month analyzing their business health by connecting to data they already have. 
You can monitor the overall health of the group and add value-added services or insights.

Power tool
for advisors & leaders

Spot problems and opportunities within your client base -- whether a channel of partners, suppliers, or peer groups, Corelytics is the only financial dashboard that uses predictive analytics that consolidates and ties to industry benchmarks and intelligence.


management tool
for business owners

Business intelligence isn't just for big companies. The Corelytics Financial Dashboard connects to QuickBooks or other leading accounting system to give owners and their team visual business intelligence at a glance. Use Corelytics on your own for a quick, intelligent health analysis each month. No data entry required.

Find a consultant or advisor to monitor financial challenges and opportunities while you’re busy working in your business. Our Advisors have streamlined their client relationships with the dashboard for monthly, budget-friendly interactions to monitor and keep you on track. Many Advisors work virtually with clients.


Learn management best practices

Pulse: Understanding the Vital Signs of your Business.
Now on Amazon and used as curriculum at the University of Washington iSchool.

Read all about it in our new book: 
Pulse: Understanding the Vital Signs of Your Business

Learn a few ways to improve the ways you manage your business. A few refreshers and a few things you may not already know! Brought to you by Professor Frank Coker and Corelytics Financial Dashboard.

Industry Indexes

We make industries smarter. Since the Corelytics Dashboard anonymously aggregates industry data,  benchmarks are available for you to compare within your industry and get custom intelligence on the metrics you care about most.  The resulting averages also make for an interesting story about the performance and market behavior in a particular industry.  Some of these industries are reflected here. 

Audio visual  |  Information Technology|  Agriculture & Food| Professional Services & Legal|  Medical & Dental Clinics |  Construction |  Retail|  Insurance   ...and many more coming to our growing list.

We are always seeking relationships with advisors and industry leaders to help add more reports to the industry.  If you are an association or industry thought-leader, please contact us for a discussion about how we can get you a fresh analysis for your area. 

Business Owners

Business owners can do a lot of things right, but one serious error can impact employees and partners. More than half of all new businesses shut down in 3 to 5 years because of a problem that the owner did not anticipate. Most often the problem could have been corrected if it had been found early enough. Much like we have learned in medicine, early detection and problem prevention are much less expensive and have much better results than treatment of a problem that has become serious. This book focuses on ways to read and understand the most important numbers in a business and get a clear picture of where the business is headed. This information can give owners and managers the information they need to make early course corrections and improve the odds of success.

The Corelytics Financial Dashboard predicts best/worst case future scenarios with 88% accuracy so that you can see where you are headed. 

Accounting & Finance Professionals

Add a new dimension of offerings to your consulting or accounting practice.  Your capabilities will extend beyond historical reviews, but assist business owners in prediction and prevention.

Expand your existing service offerings; whether you use Corelytics for providing enhanced reporting or to establish an advisory practice with existing and new clients we can help you be successful using the dashboard to support your clients in new ways. 

Get a glimpse of just some of the resources we provide to our advisors in the Advisor Resource Center.

We offer your an easy way to get started with just 3 accounts.  We will share leads with you after you get your first three and we will help support your marketing efforts to help you grow. 

Evolve your practice and generate more service revenues!

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Search for Early Adopters

Work with an existing client that you can safely try on your approach. Many of the best candidates are going through some sort of change:  borrowing, hiring, firing, buying a business, looking to sell their business, establishing new partnerships or entering new markets. Use our client letter template for a sample message that you can edit and send to your clients.

Watch Frank's Mini-Conversation Starter Videos!  These video shorts might give you a few ideas about how to talk about working with a dashboard.  

Doing a demo with your client. Download the demo script below which is a checklist to have you step through the dashboard with a customer AND talk about your expertise using the dashboard:  Demo_of_demo.docx (16.28 KB)

FinD More resources for advisors including
assessment guides, presentations, and screen shots

Working with an Advisor

Find a consultant, CPA, or group leader to keep an eye out for financial challenges and opportunities while you’re busy working in your business. Corelytics Financial Advisors have streamlined their client relationships with the dashboard for budget-friendly, monthly interactions to monitor and keep you on track. A quick monthly check in is all you need when you're dashboarding because issues pop immediately and can be discussed with your trusted advisor.   

Assess your current financial performance and compare to others in your industry 

Monitor performance and interpret the results with you monthly, quarterly or yearly

Perform valuation of your business or analyze a business you may be looking at buying

Most of our advisors can work remotely so you can collaborate directly with them from your computer no matter where you are! With a shared dashboard, you can even work together to uncover what your financials are showing you and how to address them or share them with your team.

To get started, email us with a short summary of what you’re looking for.

Then, we’ll put you in touch with at least one of our Corelytics Certified Advisors that you can interview.